So, you like cookies? Me too!

cookie platter by cookie.SARATOGA

Hi! I’m Kristina, the gal behind cookie.SARATOGA.  I have a terrible sweet tooth and decided to put it to good use when I started this cookie biz out of my kitchen in 2018.  I am a registered Home Food Processor in New York, so that means you’re getting 100% honest-to-goodness home made cookies, made with real ingredients and lots of love.


Confession: I don't exactly have any "formal training" in baking or business.  I actually have degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance, so you might catch me singing around town or teaching Kindermusik and private lessons.  Oh and I have two little guys that call me mama, so they keep me busy, too.

Thanks for being here. Feel free to take a look around.

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Let’s spread some happiness, one cookie at a time.

XO, Kristina